what is iron curtain

Consider the Curtains

Curtain rod placement depends largely on the length of the curtains. You want the curtains to either barely touch the floor or pool just a little. You may also want curtains that hit just below the window sill.

Curtain Rod Placement Height

Curtain rods typically hang 4 to 6 inches above the window frame. Another often used recommendation is hanging curtain rods halfway between the ceiling and the top of the window frame. This option doesn’t work if you have extra high ceilings or if there’s a large space between your window casing and the ceiling.

Curtain Rod Width

You can also change the look by adjusting the width of the curtain rod. Extend the rod at least 1 to 3 inches beyond the edges of the window trim for full coverage. If you want the windows to appear wider, you can extend the curtain rod by as much as 10 inches beyond the outer trim.

Mark and Drill Initial Holes

Use your desired rod placement to mark the holes for the brackets. Use a tape measure and level to get these marks exact on both sides. Longer curtain rods may also have a center bracket that you’ll need to measure and mark.

Install the Curtain Rod Brackets

If the screw holes don’t align with your wall studs, insert wall anchors to keep the brackets secure. Position the brackets on the wall, making sure they line up with the holes and anchors. Insert the screws into the holes and tighten them until the bracket is secure. It should be flush with the wall without any movement.

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