what is iron curtain

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  • Iron Curtain noun The dividing line between Western Europe and the Soviet controlled regions, especially during the Cold War. …
  • iron curtain noun A barrier made of iron in the theatre, lowered between the stage and the auditorium for safety or to prevent communication. …
  • iron curtain noun Any impenetrable barrier. …

Was the Iron Curtain a real curtain?

The “iron curtain” was a dividing line because it was an imaginary line that separated Eastern and Western Europe. The countries that lied behind the line were called the Soviet sphere. To restore economic health to the world, the U.S. needed to help rebuild Europe from the aftermath of the war. Is the iron curtain the Berlin Wall?

What did the ‘Iron Curtain’ symbolize?

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What does the term Iron Curtain refer to?

The Iron Curtain was a metaphor for the barriers that were being erected across Eastern Europe to stop people travelling and communicating between Western Europe and Russian controlled Eastern Europe.

What are the causes of the Iron Curtain?

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